Why did the Phantom let Christine go? (2023)

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Why does The Phantom of the Opera let Christine go?

When the Phantom realises that Christine's happiness lies with Raoul and not him, he lovingly lets Christine go. This act of love is far greater than any past infatuation by Raoul or himself — to let a loved one go for their own happiness' sake is an immaculate act.

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Why did the Phantom let Christine and Raoul ultimately leave his lair?

To save Raoul, Christine is willing to sacrifice her own happiness. Raoul spares the Phantom's life during a sword fight. In an act of mercy and selfless love, the Phantom releases Christine to share her life with Raoul.

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Why did Christine kiss the Phantom?

In a moment of pity and compassion, Christine kisses the Phantom, in an effort to show him kindness for the first time in his life. The Phantom, moved by this, frees Raoul and lets them both go so they may live happily together.

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Does the Phantom ever kiss Christine?

The Phantom seizes Raoul and forces Christine to choose between them or Raoul dies. Between the Phantom's proposal and Raoul's condescending rooftop love profession, I'll take Raoul's. After Christine kisses the Phantom, he realizes that he can never compel her to love him(Duh!), and releases them both.

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Did Christine ever love the Phantom?

Christine didn't love the Phantom in the normal sense of love. Instead having true feelings of love for Erik, Christine loved him more out of pity. Christine loved Raoul because he promised to protect her. At that point, she didn't love the Phantom.

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Is the Phantom obsessed with Christine?

Erik the Phantom

After a while, Erik fell in love with Christine. His isolation had made him obsessive over her and he tried to drag Christine down into the depths with him, unable to comprehend her own freedom.

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Why did the Phantom get mad at Christine?

The ghost demands they keep giving his protégé lead roles. Meanwhile, His pupil falls in love with the Vicomte de Chagny, but the Phantom is in love with Christine, his student. The Phantom is outraged by their love and kidnaps Christine to be his eternal bride.

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Did Christine betray the Phantom?

There, with all of Paris around them, they pledge their love to one another. They cannot see the Phantom overhearing their vows of love. Enraged at Christine's betrayal, the Phantom causes the final disaster of the night – the mighty chandelier comes crashing to the stage floor.

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Why did Christine forget Raoul?

On his way out, Raoul told Christine that he would never forget her, although he regretted this action later, as he knew that a Viscount could never marry a mere singer. Christine, on her part, tried to forget Raoul. When her father died, she seemed to lose all of her musical passion and talent.

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Is Madame Giry in love with the Phantom?

Madame Giry is also a character in the 2010 musical Love Never Dies, a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.
Madame Giry
First appearanceThe Phantom of the Opera
Created byGaston Leroux
Portrayed byMiranda Richardson Liz Robertson
In-universe information
6 more rows

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How old was Christine when she died in Phantom of the Opera?

At the time of shooting, Emmy was 17, Patrick Wilson (Raoul) was 30, and Gerard Butler (The Phantom) was 34. At the end of the film, Christine's gravestone gives her date of birth as 1854. The main story takes place in 1870, which means Christine is 16 during the events at the Opera House.

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Why is Phantom's face deformed?

In Universal's 1943 adaptation, he is disfigured when the publisher's assistant throws etching acid in his face.

Why did the Phantom let Christine go? (2023)
Is Meg the Phantom's daughter?

Meg Giry is one of the fictional characters from Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the story she is Madame Giry's only daughter.

Why does Raoul cry during point of no return?

Raoul is crying because he realizes that Christine has love for the Phantom and believes he may have lost her.

Is Gustave the Phantom's son?

When pressed by the Phantom, Christine confesses that Gustave is his son ("The Phantom Confronts Christine"). The Phantom makes Christine promise to never tell Gustave that Raoul is not his real father. Christine gives her word and vows to sing for him once more, and then leaves him alone.

What mental illness does the Phantom have?

The Phantom of the Opera: A Case Study of Severe Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features.

Who does the Phantom fall in love with?

Because here, we confirm not only do the Phantom and Christine see each other again and prove their love for one another, they also consummate that love and have a child together.

Does Christine have the Phantom's baby?

After the rehearsal, Christine goes to fetch Gustave from the Phantom's work room only to find the child traumatized by the sight of the Phantom's face. When the Phantom presses her about Gustave, Christine confesses to the Phantom that Gustave is his son ("The Phantom Confronts Christine").

Is Christine a narcissist?

She admits "I'm a narcissist, of course, I'm obsessed with myself". But she divulges show secrets that she thinks may earn her a lawsuit, and to be honest, it wouldn't shock us either.

Was there ever a black Christine in Phantom?

Chicago-born actor Emilie Kouatchou has made history as the first Black actor to play Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway's longest-running musical.

Who was the best Phantom?

Michael Crawford

Crawford reprised his role on Broadway in 1988, winning a Tony Award for his performance. In 1991, 1,300 performances and three and a half years later, Michael Crawford left The Phantom of the Opera. He will always be known by fans of the musical as the original and best Phantom.

Why did the Phantom hang the man?

He has, but not alone. Near the end of the book it is made known that he stumbled into Erik's ingenious torture chamber, the entrance to which his body was hanging by. In his desperation to escape, he hung himself. To dispose of the body, Erik hung it outside of his lair.

Is Christine the villain?

Type of Villain

Christine is the titular main antagonist of the Stephen King novel Christine, as well as its famous 1983 horror film adaptation of the same name directed by famed horror master John Carpenter.

Who is the best Christine in Phantom?

Sierra Boggess

She is the favorite for the majority of Phantom fans. She was first cast as Christine in the Las Vegas Cast. She then played Christine in the sequel Love Never Dies. She then went on to played Christine in the 25th Anniversary DVD recording of Phantom at The Royal Albert and in the 25th anniversary cast.

Is the Phantom jealous of Raoul?

He becomes so jealous of the perfect man, Raoul, who has everything he wants, especially Christine's love. With his strong jealousy in mind, Erik's hatred starts to burn like a fire after he finds Christine's secretly in a relationship with Raoul.

Is the Phantom a hero or a villain?

Though Superman wears an iconic costume, he was not the first heroic character to do so. That honor goes to Phantom, a mystery-man hero type, who clearly ushered in the superhero genre.

Why Raoul is better than the Phantom?

Now while I love the phantom character to death, Raoul is the better option in comparison. Not only is he rich and handsome, but he's mentally stable and (in most adaptations) he's just a total sweetheart! Also unlike the phantom he won't lock Christine away in a blind rage or kill anybody out of jealousy.

Why does Raoul call Christine little Lottie?

Little Lotte is the name of a character in a poem called A Child's first sorrow by Andreas Munch. Christine and Raul used to read it before her father died, and Christine adopted the name. It is also a name of an old game where the little lotte has too chose from three items.

Did Meg Giry kills Christine?

The Phantom tries to console Meg but mistakenly reminds her of her inadequacy compared to Christine. Meg loses her temper at this remark and as the Phantom grapples with her, Meg accidentally fires the gun at Christine; fatally wounding her.

What is Phantom's real name?

The serial has been released on DVD through VCI. The Phantom's real name in the serial was Geoffrey Prescott, as the alias of Kit Walker had not been mentioned in the strip at that point. However, he goes by the alias of Mr. Walker after having become the Phantom.

Is Meg jealous of Christine?

Meg becomes jealous of Christine and does anything she can to surpass her and get the Phantom's love, to the point that she is even willing to murder a child, Erik and Christine's son Gustave.

Is the Phantom megs dad?

The Phantom is Meg's father.

Who is the Phantom's wife?

Diana Palmer is a character in the American comic strip The Phantom. She is the wife of Kit Walker, the titular hero. The couple have two children together, Kit and Heloise.

What does Raoul leave on Christines grave?

The elderly gentleman now known to be Raoul leaves the monkey music box on Christine's grave. He looks down and sees that the Phantom has left a rose tied with a black ribbon (his trademark) and the ring that he gave to Christine: the Phantom still loves her.

How much older is the Phantom than Christine?

I don't know about all the versions of, 'The Phantom of the Opera', but in Susan Kay's, 'Phantom', the age difference is 30, since Erik was born in 1831, and Christine in 1861. It's rather creepy, in a way, since by the time of the novel, she was in her twenties, and he in his fifties.

Why does the Phantom wear purple?

It was not until the Phantom Sunday strip debuted in 1939 that the costume was shown to be purple, something that apparently was a printing mistake and Lee Falk himself did not approve beforehand. Lee Falk wanted the costume to be gray, but the colorist while coloring the strip decided that Phantom would look better in ...

Who was the youngest Phantom?

Hometown: Karimloo was born in Iran but spent his infant years in Italy—his parents' country of choice given the revolution back home. In 1980, when Karimloo was two, the family relocated to "a little hick town in Canada"—Peterborough, two hours from Toronto.

How old is Christine Daae?

Christine's singing is described as "seraphic". Christine becomes torn between her loyalty for her mentor Erik, and her love for her childhood friend Viscount Raoul de Chagny. In the Lofficier translation of the novel, it is stated that Christine is 15 years old.

How old is Christine Phantom?

Christine is 20 years old in The Phantom of the Opera. She and Raoul are almost the same age. Erik, on the other hand, is in his late 40s. Describing Christine, Leroux states that, although she is 20, she has the heart of a 15-year-old.

What happens to the Phantom at the end?

In the final scene of the opera, Christine becomes aware that The Phantom has taken the place of Piangi in the role of Don Juan. As her duet finishes, she tears the mask from his face. Surrounded by police, The Phantom is nevertheless able to escape, dragging Christine with him.

Who is the old man in the beginning of Phantom?

The elderly gentlemen in The Phantom of the Opera is Vicomte (Count) Raoul de Chagny.

Did the chandelier fall on Phantom?

The chandelier falls, but slowly and without crashes... It is a little frustrating, but just if you have seen the old performance… But, it does not interfere with the magical story…

What does the point of no return mean in the Phantom of the opera?

Point of No Return is a musical number in the opera that the Phantom has written and is extorting the company to perform. At this point, the audience is supposed to believe that Christine thinks the man she is singing with is still Piangi. No one knows he has been killed by the Phantom yet.

What happens during past the point of no return?

Continuing past the PSR, the aircraft must either land at its intended destination or divert and land at another nearby airfield should an emergency arise. "Beyond a certain point there is no return.

Who was the first black Phantom?

Norm Lewis made history by becoming the first black actor to don the Phantom's mask on Broadway in 2014 [Robert Guillaume was the first black actor to play the role, when he took over for Michael Crawford in the Los Angeles production in 1990.]

What makes Erik change from forcing Christine to marry him to letting her go?

“If you love someone, set them free.” He realizes that keeping her hostage (and away from Raoul) is cruel and would hurt her. He loves her too much to do it.

What happened to Christine in The Phantom of the Opera?

In Love Never dies, Christine dies in 1905. However in the 2004 adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, the last scene features Christine's headstone with her death date as birth year as 1854 and her death in 1917.

Did Christine love Eric?

Christine loved him in the sense that he gave her music, and was there when her father died, so of course she loves him for that. And although she pitied Erik in many ways, she also loved him, and would protect him.

What moved the Phantom to set Christine free?

When she falls in love with her childhood sweetheart, Raoul, the Phantom kidnaps Christine in a jealous rage and drags her down to his lair. She is forced to choose between the Phantom and Raoul, but her compassion for the Phantom moves him to free them both and allow them to flee.

Who is the real villain in Phantom of the Opera?

Erik (The Phantom of the Opera)
The Phantom of the Opera character
Lon Chaney as Erik, The Phantom, in Universal's 1925 silent film version of The Phantom of the Opera
First appearanceThe Phantom of the Opera (1909)
Created byGaston Leroux
6 more rows

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