Which Love & hip-hop was treasure on? (2023)

Which Love & hip-hop was treasure on?

Tresure P. is a supporting cast member on season six of Love & Hip Ha.

(Video) LHHATL Jessica Dime VS Treasure
What love and hip hop was treasure on?

Jessica Dime Snatches Treasure P's Wig - Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Video Clip) | VH1. Jesica Dime loses it when Treasure P. talks about when she dealt with a married man, in front of Kirk and Rasheeda.

(Video) Jessica dime argument with Treasure #loveandhiphop
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Does Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have treasure?

Treasure P. Brings Drama To Lovely Mimi's Nail Shop - Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Video Clip) | VH1.

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What reality show did Treasure play on?

Who is Tresure Price? Tresure is a TV personality, producer, exotic dancer and business owner. She is best known for starring on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta during season six, as well as for her appearance on Behind The Pole.

(Video) Tommie vs. Production | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 7
Who did treasure date on Love and Hip Hop?

In our EXCLUSIVE teaser, Tresure admits she told his baby mama that he's 'dating' Tommie Lee! Don't get it twisted! Even though Tresure P works for Yung Joc, 34, as an intern, her loyalty still belongs to her home girl Sina Bina, 30.

(Video) Lovely Mimi Vs.Treasure & Moriah | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
(Reality Edition)
What season was treasure on Love and Hip Hop?

Tresure joins the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in season six, where she sparks a violent rivalry with Tommie after revealing she is in a relationship with a married man. She also has a friendship with Joc's baby mama Sina, and works as an intern at Joc's radio station.

(Video) Tommie vs. Treasure P. | Love And Hip Hop Season 6
Are treasure and Mally Mall still together?

Furthermore, Mally Mall's purported girlfriend on the show, Treasure, says they were never actually a couple and were just posing as one to further their careers. “We agreed to come on this show because I would have liked to get more publicity for my career,” Treasures says.

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Where is treasure price now?

The current price is $0.00312 per TREASURE.

(Video) Tommie Lee fights Jessica Dime #LHHATL Courtesy of VIACOM
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What happened to Amber from Love and Hip Hop?

It's baby season for many of our Love & Hip Hop stars and we're pleased to learn that this alum is having another daughter. Major congrats are in order for Amberr Laura who recently shared that she is expecting a baby girl!

(Video) Meet Tresure & Mally Mall 😳 Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition
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Who did Jessica dime fight on Love and Hip Hop?

The Entire Cast Cheers For Jessica Dime As She Beats the Breaks Off Tresure P For Talking About Her Past with Married Men.

(Video) Tammy vs. Betty Idol | LHHATL Season 5

How much is DJ Mally Mall worth?

Mally Mall Net Worth
Net Worth:$2 Million
Date of Birth:Jul 7, 1977 (45 years old)
Profession:Producer, musician

(All Things Entertainment)
What day marriage boot camp come on?

The season premiere will be broadcast on Thursday, March 31 at 9 p.m. ET.

Which Love & hip-hop was treasure on? (2023)
Where is Duck family treasure filmed?

'Duck Family Treasure', filmed at Eagle Lake, premiers June 19.

Why did Mally and treasure leave Marriage Boot Camp?

Mally Mal and Tresure Price are being called out on Marriage Boot Camp due to the hip-hop producer's alleged "manipulation" of his girlfriend. Hip-hop producer Mally Mall is getting called out on Marriage Boot Camp for being a "master manipulator" with his girlfriend Tresure Price.

Who owns the Marriage Boot Camp House?

Elizabeth Carroll comes to the Marriage and Life Enrichment Boot Camp with a wealth of experience. With 30 years in the corporate world with Levi Strauss & Co.

Where is the Marriage Boot Camp house?

Where is 'Marriage Boot Camp' filmed? According to In Touch Weekly, Marriage Boot Camp is filmed in California in a mansion in Los Angeles. It's huge, with a pool, workout area, a massive kitchen, and more.

Who is a Libra on Love and Hip Hop?

Cast memberBirth date
Leslie BurrellSeptember 24
Tiarra BeccaSeptember 26
Steph LecorSeptember 26
Trick DaddySeptember 27
18 more rows

How old is Bambi from Love and Hip Hop?

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