Therapynotes com reviews? (2023)

Is TherapyNotes safe?

We take extraordinary security measures to protect your data. With safeguards such as data encryption and powerful firewalls plus a dedicated IT team and company‑wide HIPAA training, you can rest assured that your records are in good hands.

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Who owns TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes™ was developed by the husband and wife team: Dr. Debra Pliner, clinical psychologist, and Brad Pliner, web technologies expert, to fill a need for a practice management system that was built for the unique needs of mental health practitioners.

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Is TherapyNotes encrypted?

Our fully-encrypted database, powerful firewalls, and regular onsite and offsite backups ensure that your records are always safe. You don't have to worry about maintaining servers or securing paper files.

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How can I write my therapy progress notes faster?

5 Tips for Writing Better Therapy Notes
  1. Be Clear & Concise. Therapy notes should be straight to the point but contain enough information to give others a clear picture of what transpired. ...
  2. Remain Professional. ...
  3. Write for Everyone. ...
  4. Use SOAP. ...
  5. Focus on Progress & Adjust as Necessary.
Aug 13, 2020

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Can insurance companies see your TherapyNotes?

An insurance company cannot obtain psychotherapy notes without the patient's authorization.

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Does insurance Read TherapyNotes?

Under HIPAA, insurance companies are only entitled to the minimum necessary information to support the reason for the audit. Insurers don't have the right to psychotherapy notes (PDF, 204KB) (that are kept in a separate record).

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Why are therapists sued?

Psychologists and licensed therapists can be sued for causing intentional or negligent harm to patients. If you believe your psychologist or licensed therapist has caused you harm, either negligently or intentionally, you're probably wondering about your legal rights.

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How much does TherapyNotes cost a month?

You will be asked to enter your password, and your account will be put in storage immediately. Your subscription rate will be just $9/month plus $3/month for any additional users starting the next billing cycle.

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How many users does TherapyNotes have?

Our support for TherapyNotes™ users isn't limited to software. Our success representatives have helped our 75,000+ customers navigate all sorts of challenges.

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Why do some therapists not take notes?

Many therapists do not take notes during a session because it can be distracting to the process of psychotherapy. They instead rely on their memory to cover the highlights of the session after the session has ended.

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Is TherapyNotes a certified EHR?

The software is a certified HIPAA and PCI-compliant system that keeps your online data, records, and transactions secure. Likewise, it adheres to all regulatory and insurance requirements as well as best practices in the mental health industry.

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Is TherapyNotes a clearinghouse?

Whenever you submit an electronic claim through TherapyNotes, the claim is processed by our clearinghouse before it is sent to the payer. The clearinghouse reviews the claim for missing information or errors before translating the claim to the appropriate format for the specific insurance company.

Therapynotes com reviews? (2023)
Are online therapy sessions secure?

Online counseling is relatively safe and secure when it uses HIPAA-compliant platforms.

Are online therapists safe?

Therapists and patients engaging in online therapy need to be aware of potential security threats to data and private information, including: Computer viruses. Hackers. Damage or theft of devices.

How do I make sure my therapist is legit?

You can check a therapist's license online, over the phone, or by mail. All you need to do is use an online search form or contact someone at a licensing board to request a license verification. The easiest way is to check online. Licensing board websites nearly always include a link to an online license search page.

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