How do I tell my wife she's getting fat? (2023)

How do I tell my wife she's gained weight?

Be supportive of your wife rather than critical or distant. There is little downside to broaching the subject directly rather than hinting around. Start not by talking about her weight but about your marriage, your feelings, your sex life. Then ask how she feels her weight affects those important things.

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How do I tell my wife she needs to lose weight?

Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to approaching a loved one about potentially losing weight.
  1. Do Ask for Permission. ...
  2. Don't Say, 'You Should Go on a Diet' ...
  3. Do Come From a Place of Love. ...
  4. Don't Say, 'You're Going to Eat All of That? ...
  5. Do Say, 'How Can I Help? ...
  6. Don't Automatically Compliment a Loved One's Weight Loss.
Oct 5, 2021

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What can I do if my wife is getting fat?

Walking is often an easy and effective way to lose weight, especially for beginners, as well as a great way to bond. You can also come up with leisurely activities that focus on fun but also promote physical activity indirectly. Help research weight loss programs that might be suitable for your overweight spouse.

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Is weight gain a reason for divorce?

Some of us might view ending a marriage because someone packed on a few pounds as a shallow and selfish move, but there's no law that prohibits this behavior.

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How do you tell someone they're fat without hurting their feelings?

5 Ways To Tell Your Partner They've Gained Weight Without Hurting Their Feelings
  1. 1) Don't Spin In Circles.
  2. 2) Be Mindful Of The Words You Use.
  3. 3) Be Supportive.
  4. 4) Make Your Intention Clear.
  5. 5) Let Them Know You Still Love Them.
Jul 5, 2021

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Is it OK to ask your spouse to lose weight?

"Wanting your partner to change their lifestyle is very legitimate if it's based on a concern for your partner's physical and emotional well being," he continued. "No one wants to watch the person they love self destruct or fall into self-defeating patterns.

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How do I motivate my partner to lose weight?

How to Support Your Partner's Weight Loss Journey
  1. Do encourage. “Say things such as, 'I believe in you, you have this,'” says Aaptiv trainer Candice Cunningham. ...
  2. Don't be a know-it-all. ...
  3. Do offer to workout together. ...
  4. Don't guilt-trip or criticize. ...
  5. Do eat healthy. ...
  6. Don't forget to ask what they need.

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How do I tell my girlfriend she's gaining weight?

How To Tell Your Girl She's Gained Weight
  1. Accept the Fact. First thing's first: accept that there's no right way to tell her. ...
  2. Don't Lie. If she full on comes to you and asks you, don't LIE. ...
  3. Do It Together. Encourage her to work out by actually working out together. ...
  4. Don't Poke the Bear.

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How do you tell if your husband thinks you're fat?

10 Clues Your Boyfriend Thinks You're Fat
  1. Nicknames. “What's in a name? ...
  2. He asks you how spin class was… ...
  3. He buys you lunch. ...
  4. He compares you to a painting. ...
  5. He buys you lingerie. ...
  6. He starts utilizing your fat creases. ...
  7. You are his go-to partner for case races and beer pong. ...
  8. Odd role-play.
Jul 16, 2013

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Why do females gain weight in a relationship?

Researchers concluded that the reason why happy couples gain weight is because they are less motivated to maintain their weight when they don't need to attract a mate. So, if your partner has gained some weight, chances are high that they think you're the one.

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How do I convince my girlfriend to lose weight?

  1. Encourage her to make an appointment with her doctor.
  2. Set some realistic goals together.
  3. Choose a weight loss program that you can both follow together.
  4. Join a gym / find a personal trainer / write an exercise plan.
  5. Eliminate all unhealthy food elements from your home(s)
  6. Do the grocery shopping based on good dietary advice.
Sep 25, 2017

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How can I make my wife Slim?

Help Her Lose Weight
  1. Focus on health, not weight. If you want to discuss weight gain with her, do so after she returns from a doctor's appointment, Dr. ...
  2. Make it a team effort. ...
  3. Go grocery shopping together. ...
  4. Make her dinner. ...
  5. Take on more responsibility. ...
  6. Make it a habit. ...
  7. Or take her to the gym with you. ...
  8. Take a dancing class.
Aug 29, 2006

How do I tell my wife she's getting fat? (2023)
What do I do if my girlfriend is gaining weight?

Regarding your girlfriend's weight gain, it's worth having a conversation with her about it – one that focuses on her feelings, not yours. Trust me, she knows she has put on weight. But a sudden increase in weight could by a side-effect of a few things, including illness, medication, stress or depression, etc.

How do you talk to a girl about her weight?

Talk in a comfortable, private setting

Also, avoid bringing up the topic when she's eating, which could make her feel self-conscious or negative about her eating habits. The more comfortable your daughter feels with you, the more likely she'll be to open up and share thoughts and concerns about her weight.

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